We are Digital Arts Academy for the Deaf

Digital Arts Academy for the deaf (DAAD) is an edu-tech product company. The companies focus is on delivering accessible technical education to 18 million-odd Deaf people across India. may of whom are under the age of 30. The Deaf community experience a lot of barriers to living a full and productive life. Only a few of us jump through these hoops and be in a position where we can also contribute back to society ideally this shouldn’t be the case.

Our vision is to have every deaf person be a net contributor to the world around him. A major roadblock for this vision to be fulfilled is the lack of qualified educational resources specifically catering to the deaf community. This is especially true when it comes to material which deals with information technology. We plan to bridge the divide by providing courses in IT subjects in ISL education programs in ISL lowers the entry barrier for deaf youth, unlike any other medium.

Qualified resources in our case is any resource material available in India Sign Language (ISL)